Terms & Conditions

Beach Weddings in Hawaii

Notice: WHEN YOU Use this website TO SUBMIT A form or payment, the terms and conditions BELOW BECOME BINDING ON YOU & US. THESE CONTRACTUAL TERMS ALSO APPLY. BY Using this website, YOU ARE VOLUNTARILY ACCEPTING full RESPONSIBILITY and complete understanding of THE TERMS & CONTRACT. It is your obligation to call to clarify any points you do not understand or cannot accept.  Your patience, cooperation & understanding are sincerely appreciated.


  1. Normal Booking: Advance reservations are recommended to secure services, location, date and time desired for your event. It is best to book early. We do accept reservations by phone, but prefer you use the booking form to ensure proper spellings, dates, services, phone numbers and so on. For marriages, the State of Hawaii requires that we keep your information on file for 2 years. By booking your wedding online, we will then have all the information required. Short notice is OK, but you may not get the exact time, place or service you really want during peak times — like sunset, weekends or holidays. Extra fees usually apply for services booked on Legal Holidays, Valentines Day, some special family days (like Easter Sunday) and outside normal business hours.
  2. Deposit and Payments:
    ◊ Minimum Deposit is 50% of your total, in whole dollars, paid to obligate all parties for services & products ordered.
    ◊  Site Fee Deposit: When you order services at a location that requires a site or permit fee, the entire site/permit fee must be remitted, if it is not included in the package. The site/permit fee is above & beyond the 50% deposit for services & products.
    ◊  Confirmation of your order will be made in writing when possible once funds are received.  If your payment was not tendered when you sent your booking request, your reservation will be on hold while we await your payment. We give preference to paid reservations on a first-come-first-served basis. We cannot schedule services without payment in advance.
    ◊  Personal Checks sent in the mail may take 2-3 weeks for bank acceptance. We cannot fully confirm your event or services until funds have cleared our bank. We recommend you use a postal money order or cashier’s check if paying by mail.
    ◊  Credit/Debit Card Payments are accepted by our secure off-site processing Internet gateway. This payment method is preferred as your card data will be encrypted on the remote secure server and not be visible in our files for your protection. You can also pay by phone and email, but we will process your payment using the same secure online terminal you would have used from your computer, so trust the process.
    ◊  Tax/Processing: All land-based services & fees are subject to 5% Tax/Processing to be added to your Subtotal.  Yacht Cruise Packages are subject to the Harbor Fees & Tax/Processing fee of 8%.
    ◊  Remember: A 50% DEPOSIT MINIMUM IS REQUESTED TO SECURE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. A higher fee to cover a yacht, special services or private site may be required. You are also welcome to pay your anticipated total in full. Monies paid are not returnable. In the event of a cancellation, monies are kept as liquidated damages, except as described below.
  3. THIS IS A CONTRACT:  When you submit the Reservation Form and make payment for an event or service, you CONSENT AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT these terms ARE accepted and binding ON YOUR PART. When we confirm the services you requested and verified the prices, whether in writing, e-mail, fax or over the telephone, this act constitutes contractual agreement on the part of both parties.
    ◊  If you book duplicate services from other companies for the same event we confirmed for you, and we attend the location of the event at the specified time and date you booked with us, you are still obligated to pay us the agreed fees, whether or not we actually perform the services for which we were hired.  (For example, if you hire 2 ministers for the same wedding ceremony and our provider(s) is(are) at the appointed place and time, you must pay the agreed fees in full no matter what.)
  4. Short Notice Reservations:  Last minute weddings, renewals or other events are welcome and may be booked and confirmed by phone or online. However, the services you order must be prepaid in full by a major credit/debit card as stated in #2 above.  Any remainder payments for the event, rehearsal or late fees, are to be made in cash in U.S. funds.  Ministers do not make change or accept any checks on-site.
  5. Returned Check/Unpaid Bill:  If you send or give us a check that is returned unpaid by our bank – for any reason – a fee of $25.00 is automatically applied and must be paid prior to our confirming & performing your event.  If the event has already been performed, payment of services and fees in good negotiable funds must be paid immediately upon demand.  Failure to settle your account will result in default.  Every reasonable avenue to settle account will be taken. If you give us a credit card to settle a bill that is declined by the merchant’s bank, after services have been rendered, a fee of $25.00 is automatically applied and the total balance must then be paid in cash, by money order or cashier’s check within 72 hours. Delays in processing the license, photos or other post-event services may result if fees are not paid on time. If you paid your deposit by credit card and you fail to pay the balance owed for the services ordered, either on-site in cash or by other arrangement, YOU HEREBY AGREE TO GIVE US FULL AUTHORITY AND PERMISSION TO APPLY THE BALANCE OWED TO THE CREDIT CARD USED ONLINE TO MAKE YOUR DEPOSIT.
  6. Cancellations:  If your scheduled event cannot take place for good cause, the canceling party MUST notify the other party at their earliest opportunity. In the event of a cancellation by the couple, all monies paid may be kept as liquidated damages. If your event was scheduled at a private venue or “pay site”, the fee for the site is nonrefundable. If you want your reservation placed on hold for good cause, we will do so. If not reinstated for a date prior to 3 months from the original date, the reservation will be voided and all monies paid will be kept as liquidated damages.
  7. Refunds: Subject to the above stipulations…
    ◊  If you cancel within 3 days of the date of our confirmation letter, we will return your deposit, less actual expenses, if any, except in the case that your date is within the 3-day period.
    ◊ If you cancel after the 3-day grace period and 30 days or more before your event, we will return your deposit/payment, less actual expenses, if any.  Refunds apply to services such as travel fees, beach permit, flowers, printing & filing costs not rendered.
    ◊ If you cancel less than 30 days before your Oahu event, we may keep $50 reservation fee and $50 for each staff provider, plus actual expenses, including costs incurred in planning your event, if any. If any provider missed another work opportunity to be available for your cancelled date, additional fees up to their full price may apply. Private venue fees are nonrefundable. In the case of a yacht charter, the charter fee is nonrefundable. In the case of neighbor island events, we may keep $150 reservation fee and $100 for each staff provider, plus actual expenses, including costs incurred in planning your event, if any.
    ◊ If you cancel within 72 business hours of the event, all monies paid are kept as liquidated damages.
    ◊ Not showing up within 30 minutes after the meeting time we gave you or not calling prior to the meeting time to advise us of your status (e.g. traffic or lost) is considered a cancellation, all monies paid are kept as liquidated damages.
    ◊ Refunds processed back to credit/debit cards used to make the deposit shall have a $10 processing fee applied. It may take our merchant 3 to 7 days to process refunds.
  8. Delays and Overtime:  Our commitment is to be at the site 15 minutes early and begin the service at the scheduled time.  If the start of your event is delayed by 30 minutes or more – for any reason on your part whatsoever – an overtime fee of $50.00 for each provider is automatically assessed, due and payable on the spot.
    ◊  If you fail to show up before 30 minutes past the meeting time, and you did not check in & do not answer our attempt to contact your phone given, the provider is not obligated to wait further; no refund shall be given and overtime fees, if any, remain due.
    ◊  We highly recommend you plan ahead, take into account delays due to weather or traffic, then be on time. This applies to your guests as well! (They will not understand that their lateness may cost you in overtime fees). We are not responsible for actions beyond our control.
    ◊  If the staff provider did receive notice of your delay and is willing & able to wait, each succeeding 30-minute period accrues a $50 overtime charge for each provider.  In case our provider has another event scheduled after yours and the delay would impact the start of the next event, the provider is not obligated to remain for your delayed event.  Every effort will be made to accommodate you in rescheduling. Additional costs may be incurred. No monies are returned.
  9. Tipping & Gratuities:  Our business is a service business. We aim to please you, not stick you with unjust charges or deposit fees. We work hard to deliver the best possible services for the lowest prices, as profit margins are kept to a bare minimum. If you are pleased with our service, gratuities are always appreciated and traditionally reward good service according to merit, always at the full discretion of you, our valued customer. Please let us know how we can improve if your experience was less than excellent. Thank you in advance!
  10. LEGAL RELEASE: By using this web site & the information posted herein to review, reserve & pay for services offered, you agree to all of these terms and irrevocably grant me unrestricted permission to capture & use any & all photographic images and video footage of any and all persons present at the event for which you hired us, in any lawful & proper manner & medium, including, but not limited to publication, display, advertising, editorial illustration, posting online, enhancement & alteration. You thereby agree to release & hold harmless our company, employees, assigns, contractors, staff providers, agents and advertisers from all claims & liability for use of said images.
  11. BEACH PERMITS: Except as included in a particular package description, right-of-entry permits, if required for the venue selected, are subject to appropriate administrative fees as defined on the Permit page.

See: CONTRACT for more details on rights & obligations of both parties when you sign up.

See: PRIVACY POLICY for more details on use of services on this site.